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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is providing value to your customers, and it demonstrates your industry expertise. Instead of pitching your products to the public, you provide relevant content that they need or desire. Things such as how-to guides as explanations are great examples of content. Content marketing is used by huge companies and is equally useful for small businesses as well.

Best of all, content marketing is some of the less expensive marketing options out there. It generates up to three times more leads than other traditional marketing efforts. And it’s time effective. Producing a great piece of content doesn’t take days, weeks or months, a couple of hours is all.

Content Is King

The phrase “Content is King” has been tossed around for many years. But, the fact remains, it’s needed more than ever to rank and brand websites. And, it isn’t just any content, but engaging and understandable content that is required. But, business owners often get too wrapped up in their business to continue producing excellent content. Here at Instinct Marketing, we provide fantastic content, not just good content. With great content comes great leads to your business. Think about it; if people continually see good content on your social platforms and website, they will trust and know your brand. This is the kind of quality content that will start brand awareness.

Brand Awareness is when people recognize your name brand with your product. An example of this would be Colgate and toothpaste. Everyone that hears “Colgate” will automatically know that it means toothpaste. This is due to its branding and marketing.

When producing content, something important to keep in mind is using a clear “call to action.” Hiding the call to action(s) or making them difficult to find on a page isn’t going to help funnel the leads. This is why having professional content marketing for local business is essential. If you have a local business, your job is not branding, marketing, or content creation; it’s operating your business. By leaving the content marketing to a content marketing service provider, you can focus on what you do best and sit back while your website becomes an asset to your business.

How It Can Help Your Business

Content can set you apart from your competition. Many small businesses don’t have the time or understanding of search-driven content. So, they don’t produce great content for their brand and services.

Local businesses should provide content that answers a person’s questions, such that it will demonstrate your expertise in the field. Use it to show off your knowledge. People that feel you understand what you’re doing will trust you more. This knowledge is portrayed through your content. Trust is vital to gain hot leads for your company. Hot leads will lead to paying customers, which is the goal in marketing, right?

Get professionally written content today! We work with all companies to provide and produce amazing content that will convert to paying clients. Let our knowledge and expertise in content marketing for local SEO work for you.

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