7 Best Sacramento Tech Startups

Sacramento may seem like an unlikely place for tech startups to thrive. However, many companies are emerging from or moving to the Californian city. This is because of the high cost of living in other bay area locations like Silicon Valley – there’s significantly less competition in Sacramento versus other cities. These circumstances are appealing to new startups in 2024. In addition, the city’s government is also offering grants and programs to help tech companies in Sacramento get funded.

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Tech Startup Sacramento California


HomeZada allows homeowners to organize their financial information in one centralized location. Users can track finances like their home’s value, household expenses, maintenance costs, and any completed projects. It also enables users to view the housing market to compare properties with others in the area.

Homeowners will no longer have to write this information down or worry about storing it in a safe place because of HomeZada stores users’ information through cloud services. This means your information is completely safe and easily accessible anywhere from any smart device. This system is continuously being updated to keep all financial information up to date.

HomeZada is one of the best new tech startups in Sacramento to keep finances organized and help people stay on top of bills. We recommend this service; whether you have one home, several rental properties, or a vacation home, you need to keep track of it!

Electro Scan, Inc.

Electro Scan Inc. is one of the most forward-thinking Sacramento tech startups. Its technology allows for easy detection of sewer and water leak damage. This data helps organize information and prevent damage to a city’s sewage systems and waterways – integral components of a city’s infrastructure.

Electro Scan Inc. was awarded a spot on Government Technology’s 2019 GovTech 100 list. This list ranks the leaders in tech companies who program for the government. Electro Scan Inc. continues to revolutionize technology’s role in keeping public services in working order.

Medical Datasoft International (MDI)

MDI is another organizational tool, this time for healthcare needs and expenses. This cloud-based software helps patients access their medical history. It also allows physicians to access patients’ records so they can be properly and quickly assessed.

Patients can view their documents through any smart device, including phones, tablets, and computers. MDI adheres to confidentiality rules using high-tech encryption tools to keep records safe.

Rate My Neighborhood

Rate My Neighborhood is a great way for potential homeowners and renters to compare properties in any given area. This handy tool is great if you’re starting your own business or in the market for a new apartment.

Rate My Neighborhood helps users prioritize the most important elements of their ideal property in their ideal area, from commute time to work to crime rates in the town. For anyone who likes to keep up with the Joneses, this one’s for you!

ResQ Medical

ResQ Medical is another app for medical services, this time for healthcare workers. The application automatically records employees’ work hours and various other documents for workers. Crucially, it does all of this in real-time. The users of this application can also communicate through it.

The app is very secure. No institution’s information stored in ResQ Medical is accessible from the outside. For medical professionals looking to keep track of their hours in real time and contact their colleagues easily, this Sacramento start-up is the one to contact.

Wyndow Inc.

Wyndow Inc. is a small, privately held company. It allows travel, search, hospitality, and media brands to view their business analytics. This, in turn, lets them monitor their consumer base, helping companies keep track of customer preferences and patterns.

This is helpful for any company wanting help in selling their product and devising a marketing strategy. Wyndow helps with improving SEO, booking appointments, and reducing any marketing costs as well.


Quicklegal is just as its name suggests. Anyone can access legal documents or contact legal professionals instantly. If you find yourself in a legal bind, you can call, message, or even video chat with various attorneys in your area.

The software helps lawyers access and represent potential new legal clients quickly and efficiently. Attorneys pay a monthly subscription to Quicklegal, which allows them access to SLE courses, research software, malpractice insurance, and so much more. Quicklegal’s innovative software can help anyone working in or with the legal field.

In Conclusion

For many reasons, Sacramento is an excellent city for any tech companies looking to start or expand their business. With the government grants available, Sacramento is looking to be the next up-and-coming tech city in California. Sacramento is also cheaper to live in, with less competition, making it an ideal place to settle down if you’re looking to move to CA.

If you’re interested in any of these Sacramento tech startups or any Sacramento networking events to watch their next moves, you could learn a thing or two!


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