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Are you looking for a Rocklin SEO marketing agency you can trust? Instinct Marketing is an SEO company that focuses on increasing leads for new customers by increasing your business’s organic traffic through Google, Bing, and other search engines.

We offer business owners professional local SEO services that help websites skyrocket in the Google organic rankings and Google Maps – even when it comes to your highly competitive keywords. We’re passionate about what we do and are ready to help you grow your business.!

Our expertise is turning clicks into conversions. Contact us today!

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These statistics show just how important it is to have a search engine optimization (SEO) presence for your business. If you have a local Rocklin, CA business, whether it’s a physical location or you’re a service area business, you can’t rely on foot traffic or customers magically discovering you (after all, 92% of searchers click on businesses on the first page of Google).

Consumers are using their mobile and computer devices every day to find local businesses in Rocklin, California, that can accommodate what they’re searching for.

Are you on the first page of Google search or Bing? If not, you definitely need a local SEO company that knows what SEO strategy to implement for your local business ASAP!

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Our digital marketing services include Google, Bing, Yahoo, and smaller search engines!

SEO Testimonial

"Our law firm has been using Instinct Marketing to manage our SEO for only a short time and the results have been stellar! Their entire staff is very responsive, they explain processes in easy to understand manner, and they actively work with us regarding any questions or concerns (they always respond swiftly). They are also upfront about what will or will not help our business. Switching from our old marketer to Instinct Marketing was the best move our firm has done this year. Everyone here looks forward to growing and working with the team at Instinct Marketing."
McKean Family Law A.P.C.
Roseville CA Business Owner

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Our Rocklin SEO Process

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SEO in Rocklin is a competitive business no matter what industry you’re in. We at Instinct Marketing understand that. Our SEO team begins each client’s SEO campaign by first identifying their local main competitors (other local Rocklin businesses). This market research process allows us to benchmark the domain authority of the competition so we can know precisely how to surpass them and what SEO tactics to use. Once we’re past the competition analysis phase, we can start your Rocklin SEO campaign. Our Search Engine Optimization strategy and digital marketing strategies are down below.

Note: If your business address is in Rocklin, but you want to be on the map pack in Granite Bay or Roseville, it’ll may a long and expensive SEO project.

Technical SEO

SEO can be a “game of inches” where even the small things can mean the difference between you or your competition ranking first. Enter technical SEO. Every time we onboard a new SEO client, we perform a technical SEO audit on the client’s website. This technical audit analyzes the website to detect common issues that could potentially hold it back from ranking in Google. A few on-site technical issues include 301 redirect chains, site speed, site structure, duplicate content, site security, 404 error pages, and more. Once the site has an excellent technical foundation, we continue with our process. This helps us make sure our SEO strategies are effective.

SEO Optimized Content Creation

As an online marketing company, we know that content marketing increases your site’s domain authority in Google’s eyes over time (some SEO agency companies don’t even bother). Our marketing strategies for your content are one or multiple blog posts published and optimized on your site per month. We create a monthly marketing campaign, based on keyword research and competition, and optimize each of your posts for the keywords they’re targeting so that the customers in your industry can find you on Google search queries and Bing.

And unlike other SEO companies, we guarantee that your content is being handled by native English speaking college graduates. Furthermore, our objective isn’t to write an article to look pretty on your website but is strategically written to rank and provide value to your customers and potential leads. Your content campaign is 100% evergreen and completely safe from Google updates. Over time your content will gain authority, and we’ll interlink your content. Our interlinking strategies help our client’s rank for their most competitive keyword. 

On-Page SEO

Every service page or blog post that we publish gets optimized for your target keywords. This includes page elements such as your title, meta data, schema data headers, and content. The goal here is to make sure Google’s algorithm understands that you’re the #1 authority and resource for your Rocklin business location and industry to get you more organic traffic. This is all considered on page SEO.

Off-Page SEO

One of the most essential ranking factors to ranking local Rocklin businesses is having better domain authority than your competitors. This means using common SEO tactics such as building backlinks. The articles and pages we build on your site are great but won’t do much good if Google doesn’t recognize your site as an authority. We build that authority over time by building links to your website from other high-authority websites through our backlink outreach and partner networks. Backlinks are usually needed in all our SEO campaigns because link building and generating links make up one of the most significant ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. Every SEO expert knows these SEO techniques, or at least they should. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), in SEO, is the process of optimizing your service pages, posts, and overall web design to increase your conversion rate. The goal of Search Engine Optimization isn’t to get higher vanity rankings on Google – we’ll leave that to other SEO companies. What good is ranking #1 if your site isn’t ready to convert your web visitors to take a conversion action?

That’s why we offer web design. Typically we optimize client’s websites for email form submissions, live chats, and phone calls. Even if you have the best SEO strategy, it won’t mean much if your web design is poor. 

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How Much Does Local SEO Cost in Rocklin?

Now that you know more about search engines, you might be asking yourself, “how much does a Rocklin SEO company charge for their services?”

It depends. All local Rocklin businesses have their own unique search engine challenges, and we couldn’t possibly give out a price list for every industry here. Any digital marketing agency that offers SEO needs first to do a thorough keyword and competitor analysis. After that’s done, we can provide a quote tailored to your market’s competitiveness, and the time it will take to get ranked on the Google search engine results. Also, is the existing website 10 years old, or is it 1-month-old? This can determine how much SEO work is needed because if the existing website is already somewhat “established” in Google’s eyes, we’re starting from a better place.

Are you ready for your quote? Start with your free keyword & competitive analysis. Once we’ve received your details, we’ll call you back with your quote and more!

Our SEO prices are structured for a set time at a one-time total cost. Campaigns can run from 3 to 6 months & sometimes longer, depending on how competitive the market is. If you didn’t know, ranking websites on Google for your most competitive keywords is a slow process. Running SEO campaigns is an investment in your business, and we break down the total cost into monthly payments for our clients.

Rocklin SEO Pricing Example

Let’s say a Rocklin roofing company needs an SEO expert because its site is ranked on page 4 for its major keywords. The boss fills out our consultation form and wants a price quote.

Our Instinct Marketing SEO experts run an SEO analysis. Surprise! Ranking for roofing keywords is competitive!

We determine that this roofing company will need at least 900 hours of SEO work. Starting at $50 (example pricing), the total SEO campaign cost will be a minimum of $45,000. Broken down into six months, for this example, the monthly price for SEO would be $4,500.

Here are a few of the metrics our SEO team monitors and reports on each month:

  • Google My Business Metrics
  • Google Analytics & Search Console Metrics
  • Conversion Data from Google Analytics
  • Advanced Phone Call Tracking & Recording (Optional)
  • Search Engine Ranking Reports

Our SEO experts closely monitor your campaigns and provide monthly reporting on your most important KPIs (key performing indicators) metrics. After all, we’re not here to just get you pretty rankings – we’re here to get you more leads and ultimately sales from the best traffic source: Organic Search!

Rocklin SEO Services You Can Trust

Our SEO services are about consistently delivering a positive ROI for our clients. Instinct Marketing, a Sacramento SEO company, uses “white hat” SEO strategies which means your results are built to last. When you focus your marketing budget on improving for local & organic search, your business will experience more leads without the never-ending investment of paid advertising.

With Search Engine Optimization, you’re getting in front of potential customers that are actively looking for your business’s services. You’re not hoping someone on Facebook becomes a customer after seeing your ad. You’re not paying a small fortune per click just to get the phone to ring. You’re cementing your position among the top positions of Google’s search results amongst the other Rocklin businesses.

There are many benefits that come with hiring a Rocklin SEO company for your business. Make the right call, invest in SEO and other internet marketing services, and contact us today so we show you how our SEO experts can make a difference.

To begin, fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you with an digital marketing strategy tailored to your Rocklin business.