Choosing to go with Instinct Marketing was one of our best ideas. At Yancey Home Improvements, we're a fourth-generation home services company - the Instinct team helped us convert that experience into a Google ads campaign that got real results for our roofing side of the business. Their expertise has helped us to stand strong above our competitors. We've booked the board for months! I'd highly recommend their Google ads service to anyone.
Tom Yancey
Yancey Home Improvement & Yancey Company
Instinct Marketing has been an incredible company to work with. They are thorough in their understanding of my business and the services my customers are looking for. It’s hard to keep up in the ever-changing digital environment, but Instinct Marketing keeps my business one step ahead. They actively look at ways expand my business footprint and ensure my digital platform is meeting my customers’ needs. I value Instinct Marketing’s feedback and love the personalized service I receive for my business.
Kymberlee Wilkinson
Wilkinson Portables
It's only been a few months but these guys are really good at what they do. We took a leap into the future with the work they have done so far and I see more activity all the time. They front loaded this relationship with a lot of effort and I couldn't recommend them enough. I especially love the regular updates and revealing details on their progress in generating leads and customers for us in Sacramento.
Ben Combs
Judi's Cleaners
My landscape company was a purely word of mouth business before. We had worked with multiple SEO and ad companies who gave us false promises and when there was no delivery they were gone, no word or response. With Instinct we not only have a very open line of communication, but the results. We receive multiple calls per day and can see exactly where our money is going to and how we're capitalizing on leads. I highly recommend Brett, John, and the whole Instinct team after these last months of working with them.
Brian from Lawnman
Brian Lenau
Our law firm has been using Instinct Marketing to manage our SEO for only a short time, and the results have been stellar! Their entire staff is very responsive, they explain processes in easy to understand manner, and they actively work with us regarding any questions or concerns (they always respond swiftly). They are also upfront about what will or will not help our business. Switching from our old marketer to Instinct Marketing was the best move our firm has done this year. Everyone here looks forward to growing and working with the team at Instinct Marketing.
Darci Mckean
Stephanie Vandersypen
McKean Family Law, A.P.C.
We've been using Instinct Marketing for a few months now and have noticed an increase in our patient base already. They communicate and follow up better than any company I've worked with in the past, and are able to explain how SEO, Landing Pages, Google Ads, and Websites work in terms easily understandable. They create incredible pages and with their knowledge of the internet are able to increase your online presence quickly. This is the team to go with!
Bandala DDS
Dr. Jose L. Bandala, DDS
As a business owner with tough demands, we needed to see clear results. Instinct Marketing has been a true pleasure to work with. They claim to be Sacramento's best marketing agency, and over the course of working with them, I can personally affirm their assertion. Their SEO and Google Ads process utilize a professional team of marketers who know their trade inside and out. In just a short period of time, we have seen marketing conversions increase substantially. IM is not only focused about numbers- they place strong emphasis on building a real relationship with me. Brett or Ty are always a phone call, text message, or email away, something that most digital marketing agencies can't actually provide you. Instinct marketing really shows a vested interest in my business at ATV Wholesale Outlet and that is how working with a digital marketing agency should be. They recognize that our success is their success. If you are a small business owner thinking about implementing a digital marketing campaign, do yourself a favor, "trust your instinct", and take your business to the next level with Instinct Marketing.
Jacob Stabler
ATV Wholesale Outlet
As the executive director of the Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce, I have seen a lot of educational training from several businesses. The training Instinct Marketing held on the pros and cons of Google ads was one of the best I have seen. It was very honest and informative and I could tell right away they care about their clients. The Instinct Marketing team is very personable and was a great use of time for those who attended. Their knowledge of Google Ads and digital marketing as a whole is a step above many digital marketing agencies I have come across. I highly recommend Instinct Marketing for any service-based business looking to grow. Trust your Instinct, they are worth it!
Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce
Director of Chamber
Instinct Marketing just created my new website and Implemented their SEO protocols. I’m already seeing movement towards the top of Google . They also write blogs for me, are quick in their responses when I have a question and the customer service is unbelievable. They really care about their clients and will give you a lot of personal attention. I love my website. it’s beautiful, it’s functional and I recommend them highly to anybody who needs A new website and wants to rank high on Google.
Chris Wagner
Advanced Skin Solutions
We have a lot of experience over a large number of years with providers in this sector. Brett and John have truly been the best at creating the solutions that allow us to meet and exceed our goals.
Bob Morgan from Martinizing East Bay
Bob Morgan
Martinizing Dry Cleaning in East Bay
The Instinct Marketing team is top notch! They rebuilt our website for All Quality Graphics and did a stellar job. Their patience, knowledge, responsiveness, transparency and calm, professional demeanor makes for a great working relationship. They made our website revamp and migration a seamless process and exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend their services!
Jessica from All Quality Graphics
Jessica Tillery
All Quality Graphics
These guys are good. My company, Royal Flush Porta Potty, in Las Vegas was relatively new and small when I first took the leap. We've since grown our plastic in the field by nearly double. They worked with me on ads and on my website itself. Highly recommend these for their attention to detail and ability to work with the different personalities in an organization.
Scott from Royal Flush
Scott Kandel
Royal Flush Porta Potty
I own and operate Wonderful House Cleaning and Instinct Marketing handles our Sacramento SEO campaign and online advertising. With our busy schedule, we needed a marketing agency we could trust. Their level of customer service is world-class. Our monthly meetings and availability are invaluable. If you're thinking about starting a digital marketing campaign for your small business, don't hesitate and book a call with Instinct Marketing. You rock!
Paula S.
Wonderful House Cleaning
I have been working with Brett and his staff for over 6 months. They have done an excellent job improving our company website. We are finally putting our advertising dollars to good use with Google ads. We have qualified, steady leads coming in almost daily. I highly recommend Instinct Marketing.
Sandra from Dent Shoppe
Sandra Coleman
Dent Shoppe
Instinct Marketing was able to do what no other digital marketing team could - build a fully integrated landing page WITHIN the framework of the Franchise Corporate website. Franchise companies can be very difficult to market for, because the websites aren't really optimized for conversions, but the team at Instinct worked directly with Franchise Corporate, learned their systems and software, and have provided me with an effective, high converting landing page that provides a cost per conversion far lower than anything that other companies have done (and they are high quality leads too!). I highly recommend Instinct Marketing.
Terry Watts
Senior Helpers
Even though we are the oldest video game store in the Sacramento area, because we are outside the city limits, competitors have taken over the #1 spot in Google. Not anymore! Instinct Marketing implemented an SEO strategy that pushed up back up to #1 within just a few months. They have been amazing to work with and I highly recommend them!
Sacramento Video Game Store
Fair Game Retro Video Games
Instinct Marketing delivers! Jeremy with Pristine Cleaners and am very satisfied with the service I received from Instinct Marketing. They're informative, proactive and very easy to work with. Every month we discuss progress and the direction for the next month. Every month so far has been better than the last!
Pristine Carpet Cleaners
Although I only have been working directly with Instinct Marketing for a couple months, they have been ultra fantastic. Great customer service. Excellent communication (which is impossible to find now days) and they have increased our PPC conversions. We can actually see real progress. Their numbers match ours on our tracking, which did not happen with our last company or even come close. All in all, I am super glad I made the move. The setup was easy, clean and they kept in touch the entire way. There was no wonderment on what they were doing. They know how to take care of their clients.
All Star Plumbing Logo
Melissa Thompson
All Star Plumbing
Amazing one on one service! They take the personal time to make sure all your needs are met. They know that they're successful only when their clients are. Wonderful experience!
Sara Klinkenborg
NorCal Signs and Wraps
Instinct is making me money. My understanding of digital marketing after doing it myself has been a battle. Hiring Instinct has given me my time back to focus on other aspects of my business, and personal life. I have had nothing but success with trusting my instinct. I would recommend anyone looking for a digital marketing company in Sacramento to contact Instinct Marketing.
Eric Bryant
Mattress Removal Express
We had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Instinct Marketing. Being in the IT business for over 25 years I knows a company that is GREAT at knowing their stuff or is just in it for the fast buck. Instinct Marketing is a superior SEO company as well as a company that cares about who they partner to help. The team at Instinct Marketing conveyed clear ideas on what works the best on a website, laying out a plan which was on time, on budget and hit ALL OUR GOALS. I know several other companies which utilize Instinct Marketing and they are very happy with the services which they provide. It's my honor to recommend Instinct Marketing for all your web and SEO needs!
Michael V. Camp
Pulse Technology
Instinct Marketing is incredible to work with and always looking for ways to grow the G&O Towing Business. They create user friendly, enticing websites which cater to the target customer. They monitor what does and doesn't work and are always improving the G&O public profile.
G and O Towing
We have gained a multitude of clients due to Instinct Marketing - marketing skills. They're professional and result driven. You won't be disappointed!!!
Veronica Hegens
Golden Pig Portable Toilets
Instinct Marketing is an amazing company to work with. They truly do care about their clients. That is one of the main reasons I do business with them. I have had nothing short of an amazing experience from the customer service to the actual work they do. The SEO service they provide delivers excellent results and has helped my chiropractic business throughout this pandemic. My online presence has never been in a better place after 20 plus years in business. If you are a small business considering implementing a digital marketing campaign, give Instinct Marketing a call! Trust your instinct and use Instinct Marketing!
Dr. Doug Loehrer
Sunrise Chiropractic
Brett, John, and Chris have been great to work with for our advertising needs. We started S&B Septic and Sewer a year and a half ago and they have helped us grow this business tremendously in a very short amount of time. They are easy to reach and get in contact with and very helpful with the marketing ideas.
Brady Alexander
S&B Septic and Sewer
Instinct Marketing has been a huge asset to my business. Their knowledge of Google Ads, Web Design and SEO is the best! Not to mention their hands-on approach to my business Rocket Restrooms. They communicate effectively, their pricing is great and I truly feel valued as a business owner. Do yourself a favor and trust your business with these guys. I'm glad I did!
George Waldie
Rocket Restrooms & Fencing

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