Royal Flush Google Ads Case Study With instinct Marketing

How Royal Flush Generates 20-30+ Leads Per Month With With A Google Ads, Pay-Per-Click (P.P.C.) Campaign


Cost-Per-Lead (C.P.L.)


Conversion Rate


Click-Through-Rate (C.T.R.)

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If you’re a porta potty business owner, then chances are you’ve considered using Google Ads to help boost rentals. After all, what’s not to love? Google Ads is an incredibly effective way to reach new customers and grow your business. And, if it’s done right, the return on investment can be impressive.

For proof, look no further than this case study of Royal Flush, a real-world business that was able to generate 20-30+ leads per month with our Google Ads management.

Our Process

1. We Created Simple, Yet Compelling Ads

Our ads were clear, concise, and ultra-relevant to what the target audience was searching for. As a result, the ads generated a very high click-through rate (CTR).

2. We Used Negative Keywords Effectively

Negative keywords are essential for any Google Ads campaign. They help you ensure that your ads are only shown to people who are actually interested in what you’re selling. Without negative keywords, your ads could be shown to thousands of people who will never convert into customers. As a result, you’ll waste a lot of money on irrelevant clicks. For example, we don’t want our ads showing for someone looking to buy porta potties. We would add the negative phrase match keyword “for sale.”

3. We Bid On The Correct Keywords

Google Ads is an auction-based system, which means that businesses bid against each other for the chance to have their ads shown when someone searches for certain keywords. The key to success is bidding smartly on the right keywords. You don’t want to overspend on keywords that aren’t relevant or get too few impressions because you’re not bidding enough. Instead, focus on keywords that are highly relevant and have a good chance of converting into sales.

4. We Tracked Their Results & Made Adjustments Accordingly

Any good marketing campaign should be constantly monitored and tweaked as needed based on the results it’s generating. The same is true for Google Ads campaigns. By tracking their results closely, we were able to identify which keywords and ad campaigns were performing well and make adjustments accordingly. As a result, they were able to generate even more leads and sales from their Google Ads campaigns over time.

Conclusion & Our Results

If you’re thinking about using Google Ads for your business but aren’t sure if it’s worth it, then this case study should put your mind at ease. When done correctly, Google Ads can be an incredibly effective way to boost leads and sales for your business. To see the kind of results our clients typically achieve with our help, check out our recent YouTube videos about the average ROI businesses see after working with us!

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