A Complete Guide to Applying for a Business License in Roseville California

You did it! You started your new business in Roseville, and you are ready to go, but there’s one last thing you have to do. Obtain your business license. This is pertinent if you would like to do business the right way. Below are a few tips along the way to getting that process started.

Documents Needed to Get Started

As a new business owner in Roseville, you need to follow the process to ensure everything necessary is completed. Below is a list of documents required to start a business in Roseville, CA, legally. You can find these documents on the City of Roseville Website.

  • Business License Application
  • Fee Schedules
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Business License Change Request Form
  • Business License Handbook

If you have any additional questions, Roseville’s city has two toll-free numbers you can reach them at. Those phone numbers are (916) 774-5310 or (888) 602-0239.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Business License in Roseville, CA?

Consider a business license as the annual tax for doing business in the City Of Roseville. According to the City Municipal Code, you must have obtained your business license when any business activity is conducted inside or outside the City of Roseville. The Business License is also required for businesses based at home, non-profit companies, and building and independent contractors.

Once you have your business license approved, it may be a good idea to start networking and get your business momentum.

What is the Timeline When it Comes to the Application Process?

Obtaining a business license in Roseville, CA, only takes a few minutes. The business license number will be issued when payment is made to the City of Roseville, and the application and necessary documents are turned in. The actual license itself will be mailed within two weeks.

How long is a business license valid?

The business license that is issued is suitable for the entire calendar year. It must be renewed every January. The City Of Roseville will send reminders to renew the business license; however, it is the business owner’s responsibility to renew on time. The late fee is 10% and can go up to 60% for late accounts.

How Much is a Business License?

The business license fee is based on the type of business. The cost for a Roseville Business License can range from $15 to $250 per year. It is valid for the calendar year it is purchased. You can contact the City of Roseville at (916) 774-5310 if you have any additional questions.

Other Helpful Phone Numbers

Federal Employers ID Number


1 800-829-1040

State Employers ID Number

Employment Development Department

(888) 745-3886

Local business information/membership

Roseville Chamber of Commerce

650 Douglas Blvd, Roseville

(916) 783-8136

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