Gym Promotion Ideas That Move Your Business Forward

You can have the best gym out there, but without good marketing, it will be difficult to stand out from the crowd. 

Maybe you want to attract new members. Maybe it’s about creating loyal and engaged customers from your current clientele. Either way, fitness marketing is an important part of your gym. 

With so many gym marketing ideas out there, it’s difficult to know which are the most effective. Of course, understanding your clientele to know which gym marketing campaigns would be a good fit is important. But, there are also certain gym advertising ideas that everyone should be doing to boost business. 

Marketing is all about understanding consumer behavior. It’s what prompts you to ask the big questions: What will inspire a new customer to try your business? What will motivate existing customers to keep coming back and bring their friends? 

Thankfully for you, we’ve done most of the leg work on understanding fitness marketing! We know what fitness marketing ideas make an impact, and we’re here to share them with you. 

If you need gym promotion ideas or general tips for marketing your fitness business, check out our top ideas for moving your business forward! 

1. Start an Online Class for Your Gym

Having classes online make your services more accessible. Eliminating the travel barrier and having classes from the comfort of home is a great incentive. This should be at the top of your list for gym promotions.

This is one of the most effective gym promo ideas because people now expect businesses to provide excellent service both online and off. You are now not only meeting but going beyond their expectations by offering online classes. 

Offering an online class can be a great way of getting people “in the door” to try your classes. Providing a free session online that is recorded and ready to view makes trying your fitness center easy!

However, you can also use it as fitness club promotions for existing members. Rather than posting full workouts for free, it can be available to members only. This sense of exclusivity can be a great motivation in marketing ideas for gyms. 

Exclusive online content signals to potential members that you have something special to share. And for regular attendees of your online classes, they won’t want to miss out on future content! 

2. Align with Strategic Partners

When marketing a gym, it’s important to know your audience. You want your gym promotion ideas to reach the right people. When looking for new customers, look to places where future members of your gym would be spending money. One of the best places to look is other health and wellness businesses. 

Forming strategic partnerships is an essential part of succeeding in business. Now we’re not talking about going to other gyms and trying to lure away customers. Instead, we’re talking about businesses that aren’t your competitors but address similar concerns. 

For example, a fitness attire retailer sells the workout gear future members would need. If a customer is already buying all the workout gear, they probably would be interested in your gym promotions. 

By partnering with brands that serve a similar customer base and provide different services, you can each tap into the other’s clientele. This is beneficial for both sides and now your gym marketing will be even more impactful. It can’t hurt as you write your own gym business plan.

Here are some health and wellness businesses to look out for that may be a great marketing partner:

  • Healthy eating establishments
  • Independent fitness trainers
  • Health supplement sellers
  • Fitness equipment vendors
  • Local sports teams and clubs — softball leagues, soccer teams, etc.
  • Health food brands

Easily advertise your gym promotions and establish your presence in the community by forming strong relationships with brands with the same values and goals. This will make gym marketing even simpler for you. 

3. Post Clips on Instagram

A fitness marketing idea doesn’t need to be complicated. Sometimes, something as simple as sharing what you’re already doing can make a big impact. And sharing your gym promo ideas on a platform with about 1 billion active monthly users, you may find more than a few interested people! 

Instagram is a great fitness marketing idea because the platform focuses on visual content. With an emphasis on photos and videos, you can easily show off your services as a likable gym membership ad. 

For Instagram, there are two places to post: your page, and stories. 

Stories show in your followers’ feed for 24 hours. After that, they can be added to your page, but only if a user wants to see them. That means these are a great tool for regular posting, informal photos, and quick announcements. 

Posts for your page stay forever and are easy to see when a user visits your page. That means they are impactful. So it’s important to make them look good to be an effective tool in gym marketing. 

Instagram is a large platform with people who have a variety of interests. With the right marketing strategies for gym Instagram pages, you can reach a large audience. That means lots of new potential members seeing your gym promotions. 

And don’t forget that this reminds your current members how great their gym is! 

4. Make Sure to Use the Right Hashtags

While Instagram is great for reaching a large audience, using correct hashtags is important for reaching the right audience. Fitness marketing ideas are most impactful when they are seen by the right people. 

Hashtags are a way of making finding content you like convenient. Hashtags sort content into categories, so people see what they like. When you want to post your gym advertising ideas, make sure you’re in the right category. 

Hashtags are usually at the very bottom of your post. While you want to find the best hashtags for what you’re offering, knowing when to use them is also important. Make sure you are not using the same hashtags every time. Having some variety and using the best hashtags for each post make a big difference in marketing a gym on Instagram. 

For some inspiration, here are some of the best hashtags for fitness:

#fitness, #gym, #cardio, #motivation, #workout, #getfit, #cycling, #fit, #fitlife, #fitnessaddict, #health, #sweat

While we hope this list provides some inspiration, your gym marketing campaign’s hashtags should fit with what you’re promoting. For example, CrossFit gyms should focus on Crossfit hashtags and cycling should include cycling hashtags. 

Hashtags are essential for drawing attention to your content, so use them wisely. Make sure you are reaching the people who will love your services by using the right hashtags for your fitness marketing.

5. Post Your Videos on YouTube

Instagram isn’t the only place for video content. With so many people watching fitness content on YouTube, you can make a big impact by sharing your videos as fitness club promotions. 

You are already hosting and running the classes. It makes sense to film them for your gym marketing. Then by posting them, you exponentially increase the number of people who engage with your classes. 

YouTube is a great spot not only for fitness club promotions for new members. But it also makes your content easily shareable. Current members who want to invite their friends can easily show what your gym is all about. It removes the mystery and makes your classes and instructors relatable!

But don’t limit yourself to just trying to get people in the door! You may even be able to create a new stream of income for your business through a popular YouTube channel. 

Take your gym promo ideas to video format and really illustrate what makes your fitness club different. 

6. Include Videos on Your Blog

If you’re posting videos to YouTube, an effective fitness marketing idea is to post them on your website’s blog. 

This isn’t just double posting. In fact, these are two gym marketing ideas rolled into one convenient step! 

  1. Post the videos where your website visitors will see them. Great for promoting your classes and YouTube channel.
  2. Boost your website’s content and increase Google rankings.

Number 2 may be the most important of these fitness marketing ideas. Largely inactive websites do not draw much attention from search engines. But when people search for “fitness class near me”, you want to make sure you are high on the list! 

By regularly posting videos to your blog, you are keeping your website updated, and you are more likely to appear higher in search engine results. 

Marketing ideas for gyms isn’t always about creating content. Like this important step, just putting your content in the right place at the right time can be a key part of gym marketing campaigns. 

7. Make a New Year’s Resolution

Timing is everything! When you are looking at the best gym marketing ideas, ones that can use timing to your advantage are best. And what better time than New Year’s? In 2019, the top New Year’s resolution was to exercise more. That’s a large audience just waiting to see your gym membership ad! 

For health and wellness businesses, not taking advantage of New Year’s for gym marketing campaigns are a tragic mistake. Don’t miss out! 

During this rare time, you don’t have to convince people to get healthy. They already want to do that! Instead, embrace the message that you are the best option. You have what they need for accomplishing their resolutions. 

Now you decide how you will help. Do you have the best facilities? Maybe you have the best instructors and classes. Or maybe you are the friendliest, and they want to be a part of your community! 

Whatever are your greatest assets, show them off! The focus is on how they can most easily accomplish their goals at your business. 

8. Challenge Your Customers

You may be a year-round business, but make sure to use gym promotions as a way of breaking up the monotony. 

It’s always a great time to get fit. But if you can use marketing strategies for gym engagement, you’ll see higher retention numbers. 

By doing a gym-wide community challenge, you will engage your clientele and give them a reason to visit more often. Reach out via email marketing, texts, social media, or even in-person instructions to motivate members. 

Think of long-term challenges that will inspire gym attendance. For example, 30-day running challenges or healthy eating challenges. 

When you challenge your customers to be their best selves, and you help them succeed, you’re not just a business. You’re making a difference! This will keep members engaged and bringing their friends next time. 

9. Create a Referral Program

It can take a lot for someone to give a new fitness center a chance. Make the transition easy by creating a referral program. That’s why referral programs are such a valued form of fitness marketing. 

Referral programs are a great way of not only keeping current members but bringing in new clients. Just about everyone enjoys working out more with a friend or family member. And when someone you know vouches for something, you’re more likely to trust them than just any gym membership ad. 

Make referring simple by keeping vouchers online or easy to get in person. 

Some marketing strategies for gyms also use incentives for current members for referring. For example, discounting membership fees when a referral signs up. 

Some gym promotion ideas also include referral programs with special events. For example, attending events with a friend. The special atmosphere will be a great place to start for new members. 

10. Black Friday Special

Regularly offering large discounts for gym memberships can devalue your business’s brand and take away the feeling of exclusivity. However, there’s one day a year when big discounts are not just welcome. They are expected! 

Take advantage of Black Friday as a way of offering discounts in gym promotions. This will incentivize people to sign up right away for the discount. Why not try something when it’s for example, 20% off or includes special extras?

Encourage people to sign up before the holiday season is in full swing. Get fit before New Year’s resolutions are necessary. Then, you can pick up any you missed during your New Year’s resolutions gym marketing ideas. 

11. Create a Beautiful Website

These days, going to a business’s website is the first thing we do when we are interested. That means your website is your true first impression for potential members.

Don’t mess up sales before users have even read anything about your gym. A bad website can actively be harming your business! Having a beautiful and easy-to-use website is a crucial part of marketing a gym. 

With a beautiful website, this reflects well on your brand. People get a sense from the effort you put into your gym marketing online. If you show a good level of professionalism and competency, people will think your fitness center is equally professional and well-maintained. 

Marketing ideas for gyms don’t go far without a great website and an SEO strategy. That’s why we always recommend making your website look good and easy for people to use as soon as possible. This way, you can take full advantage of all your fitness marketing ideas. 

12. Offer Online Consultation

Individual attention from a professional trainer is highly regarded. People are more likely to go out of their way if a private session with a trainer is available. Consultations are a popular fitness marketing idea for many industries. For gyms, it’s a great way of enticing potential members. 

By offering a free 1-1 consultation, you’re far more likely for people to give your fitness center a chance. Now move this fitness marketing idea online, and you’re reaching a wider audience! 

It’s of course necessary to have a valuable and successful consultation. Once the person has had a great consultation, they are more likely to want to sign up. Make the offer impossible to refuse by sweetening the deal. Offer a special perk or discount if they sign up right after their session. 

Just like other gym marketing campaigns, it’s all about timing. Once you have them, use your assets for gym promotions that make it too hard to say no. 

13. Who Doesn’t Like a Giveaway?

Memberships to gyms are often not cheap. So offer it for free in a giveaway! 

Giveaways drive engagement with your content. People begin to imagine themselves working out at your fitness center, with your excellent equipment, or in your expertly taught classes. 

This will boost engagement on social media or your website. With more eyes on your business with the hopes of free membership, you can share your gym promotions with a ready audience. 

This is a great fitness marketing idea for increasing awareness and also building goodwill!

14. Make Your Discounts Time Sensitive

We’ve said it before, but will say it again: timing is everything!

Maybe someone has been following your social media accounts. They would love to go. But what is inspiring them to put down the money? Your discounts and referral deals will always be there, right?

That’s why discounts need to be time-sensitive. This gives people the incentive to act fast when they see your gym promotions. They don’t want to miss out! 

Create urgency by using limited-time offers for fitness marketing ideas that will have people ready to join. 

15. Provide a Meal Plan

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. So use nutrition as a way of reaching more people who want to be healthy! Offering resources like meal plans will show you care about your members’ health. 

Often, gym promo ideas limit themselves to exercise. But you can also tap into the nutrition market. When someone wants a great meal plan, you can offer it for free. However, to get that meal plan, they may need to provide their email address on your website. 

Once you have their email address, you can add them to your mailing list. Now you’re spreading your gym promotion ideas to a brand-new group that is interested in health and wellness. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in fitness marketing, so use free resources like meal plans to fill your mailing lists! 

It’s More Than Just Marketing

It’s important to understand that fitness marketing is more than just generating content. It’s about creating a strategy on how to provide value, inspiration, and motivation to people. 

You first need to understand your audience and what they are looking for in their fitness home. Second, know where you can reach them. It’s only after you’ve done that work that you can begin to consider what they want to see. Target your audience, find the right platform, and show your value. 

Once you accomplish these three steps, you’ll be able to make a clear argument: You will love what our services can do for your life!  

If you’re ready to learn more about fitness marketing, Instinct Marketing is here to help! Our team of professionals is ready to make your gym promotion ideas a reality.