What Are Three Major Forms of Digital Direct Marketing?

Digital marketing is the name of the small business growth game. The online sector of the economy is growing by the hour, making the internet a reliable place for companies to promote themselves.

However, knowing that you’ll find a stable audience/customer growth through web mediums doesn’t make getting started any more apparent or straightforward. Where should you begin to promote your business online?

That situation is where digital direct marketing comes into the picture. The most effective approach lies in targeting the three major forms of digital direct marketing.

What Is Direct Marketing?

In plain terms, direct marketing is when businesses appeal to their customers without a mediator. Sometimes, the strategy is a Direct Response.

Conventionally, companies would use mailing lists, coupons, flyers, and catalogs to speak without a middle person to their clients. You might have also seen door-to-door salespeople, telemarketing, and kiosk marketing as other forms of direct marketing.

The campaigns can range from targeting an audience of 10 to 10,000 employing various tactics to clearly and directly get your message to your consumers. Plus, you don’t need to stick to direct marketing solely. You can utilize these methodologies alongside employing other traditional tactics.

Maybe you’re thinking, if direct marketing focuses on face-to-face, how can I use the faceless internet to achieve my goals? What’s the difference between direct and digital marketing? Is there even a difference between the two?

The online sphere is where digital direct marketing comes into play. You can speak directly to your clients via the internet through a variety of tactics.

So how do you implement direct marketing through the online sphere? What are the three major forms of direct digital marketing?

What Is Included in Direct Digital Marketing?

Direct online marketing works by combining three media outlets to connect with your target audience: cell phones, web browsers, and email.

You can use these forms of communication to bring your business in front of the public.

Small businesses can create tailored marketing campaigns relevant to their specific needs targeting these media. Below are details of each tactic so that you can determine which would work best for your company.

what are three forms of direct digital marketing


The most common digital direct marketing tactic is SEO or search engine optimization.

The strategy employs social psychology and data to match online content to users most likely to enjoy it. Because it relies on leveraging a set of proven principles, SEO helps companies grow organically.

It’s no secret that Google is the dominant world search engine. Because of its dominance, Google is the most popular search engine for people looking for various services and information. Implementing an effective

To help users find that information and those products or services, Google mobilizes its superior algorithm system. It takes users’ search queries and puts the most relevant websites in their list of results.

Google also uses location information from browsers and cell phones. It uses this data to help users seeking nearby or local services or products. With the right website hits and location data, small businesses can attract relevant customers.

However, the components that go into assessing online content are various and labor-intensive. They can lead the typical small business owner who is not an SEO specialist to feel frustrated and confused.

Because of the complex web that is Google search engines, SEO has become an art. Online content must hit all the optimization marks while simultaneously being high quality and value to readers and consumers.

Google Ads Management

Though SEO helps bring clientele growth organically, PPC is another strategy. PPC or pay-per-click advertising works directly with search engines like Google to boost online traffic.

Because of its dominance, the best PPC operations happen with Google Ads Management. With this program, you only pay when viewers click your link. If people don’t click on your Google link, you do not have to pay.

Some might consider PPC and Google Ads Management as indirect marketing. However, it is direct because the business owner controls who sees their ads through instinct marketing.

When you go on the Google Ads platform, you control the demographic terms set for your audience. You can also advertise specifically to people using your SEO terms.

Another option includes showing your links off to individuals who are shopping rather than browsing. Though more automated than traditional SEO, PPC advertising via Google Ads requires strategy.

Email Marketing

Among the three listed here, email marketing is one of the hardest to accomplish with finesse. In part, this difficulty has to do with the spam emails that have left an unpleasant impression on users’ minds. Spam emails are so popular you can customize your mailboxes to avoid seeing the majority of them.

However, tried-and-tested email methods are driving the influx of marketing emails. Contrary to popular belief, you’ll get the most reliable and affordable results through email campaigns.

If you remain unconvinced, some statistics might make you feel better.

Email Marketing Stats

  • Email marketing strategies net, on average, $42 for every $1 that they spend.
  • Approximately 82% of the time, individuals open welcome newsletter emails from companies and brands they like.
  • If you send three abandoned cart emails, your clients become 69% more likely to order more than if you were to send one email.
  • Some 49% of customers have a genuinely positive reaction to receiving weekly newsletters from their favorite brands and companies.
  • The smartphone-holding population regularly checks 49% of their emails on their mobile devices. That figure means that email marketing checks the mobile-friendly box.

Get Started Today

Now that you’ve heard about the three significant forms of direct digital marketing, are you ready to start a digital marketing campaign? Whether you decide to focus on SEO, Google Ads Management, or Email Marketing, your company will see significant growth by investing in online direct marketing. If you need help, we’re a digital marketing agency in Sacramento, CA, specializing in SEO and PPC. Feel free to reach out to us!


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