Top 4 Tips For A Successful Chiropractic Google Ads Campaign

In recent years, Google AdWords has been a successful way to boost SEO for chiropractors. However, there isn’t one guidebook for chiropractor SEO, and using Google Ads comes with a small learning curve. Many ad management companies will promise a magic solution for creating your chiropractor Google Ads, but it takes time to implement effective strategies that work in your favor.

Knowing how to choose successful keywords, reduce negative keywords, and create eye-catching ad text will help you generate the most successful ad campaign. At Instinct Marketing, we use these strategies to help our clients boost SEO for their businesses. We know that these four tips work for chiropractors.

Here are our four tips for launching a beneficial Google Ads campaign and managing expectations for its success.

chiropractic google ads

Tip 1: Choosing The Right Chiropractic Keywords

Chiropractic keywords are the search phrases you want to show up for on Google when someone is looking for a local chiropractor.

For chiropractors, there are many reasons you’d show up in a search. However, patients tend to search directly for a provider that can heal their symptoms, rather than searching for the symptoms alone.

If a patient is having neck pain, they are more likely to google “chiropractor” before they search “neck pain.” For this reason, you only need a handful of keywords for a successful chiropractic Google Ads campaign.

Use keywords such as:

  • “Chiropractor”
  • “Chiropractor near me”
  • “Chiropractor near ___ area”
chiropractic google ads

Tip 2: Create Eye-Catching Ad Text

Keywords aren’t the only cornerstone of a successful chiropractic Google Ads campaign. We recommend that you have four or more ads for any campaign. If you are advertising other services you offer, you’ll want an additional four ads per service.

You’ll also need to create ad text that encourages the reader to visit your site. When creating the text for your ads, be sure to use the same words that you use as keywords. Sure, the use of “Chiropractor” will be easy to put into an ad.

If you’re using longer keywords like “Chiropractor near me,” those will be harder to squeeze into eye-catching ads.

The more successful you become at matching your keywords and ad text, as well as anticipating your potential clients’ actions, the more profitable your chiropractor SEO will become.

Tip 3: Get Rid Of The Negative Keywords

Google AdWords will show you the exact number of searches that brought traffic to your site. When looking at these Google clicks, you’ll see that a huge number you receive are junk clicks. That refers to the traffic you received from someone who has no intention of using your services.

With one of your keywords being “chiropractor,” your ad will qualify for several searches that are being conducted by someone who may have forgotten the address or contact information of their chiropractor and have stumbled upon your website while trying to find their actual provider.

Because there’s a low chance of converting these clicks into actual clients, these junk clicks cost you money. With negative keywords, you can avoid a large number of these junk clicks. Diligently noting other chiropractors’ names in the area and specific details such as location and services you don’t offer can help you eliminate those junk clicks ahead of time.

At Instinct Marketing, we believe that managing these negative keywords is necessary for running a successful Google ad campaign. Driving costs down in advertising makes the cost of acquiring a new patient much lower.

chiropractic google ads

Tip 4: Set Yourself Realistic Expectations


Chiropractor Google Ads can be difficult to budget. However, if budget is your primary focus, your campaign won’t be very successful.

Instead of focusing solely on budget, keep your eye on Return on Investment (ROI) or the money you’re making from the ads themselves.

The amount of money you need to spend on a successful chiropractor Google Ads campaign depends on your city and the audience available. A smaller town or city may only have $150 worth of clicks available. Of course, in this case, you wouldn’t want to spend more than $150. In larger metropolitan areas, there may be $1500 clicks available. Typically, a campaign of $1000 is standard for a city with a large population.

Keep in mind that profits from patients are much higher than ad spending. Regardless of your budget, if you have a positive ROI, that means your chiropractor Google Ads are working, therefore boosting your SEO.

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Another aspect of Google ad management to consider is bidding. Google offers automated bidding options, or you can opt to use manual bidding. Many factors determine your ad’s position in search results, the main one being the amount of money you’re willing to spend per click.

When using manual bidding, be sure your ads rank in the top three positions. Because some keywords cost more, Google will suggest the amount they expect to bid to make it to those top ranks.

Even though Google is profiting from its services, this information is useful. You should consider bidding to create the most successful campaign.

Measuring Success

You’ll get an idea if your Google ad management is working within seven to eight weeks. If your budget isn’t bringing in new clients, you may not be in the right city to benefit from Google AdWords.

Densely populated cities may provide a challenge when using Google Ads. When there’s a large amount of competition, you may be spending more money to get new clients, creating a negative ROI.

chiropractic google ads

A Quick Recap

There are many steps and insights to consider when creating the best chiropractor Google Ads. These are the same tools agencies like Instinct Marketing use to boost SEO and create stronger Google Ads for our clients.

Improve your chiropractor SEO by choosing efficient keywords that eliminate mistaken clicks from local competition and creating advertisements with text that matches those keywords. Rather than focusing on the money you’re spending, create a budget that best reflects your location and competition to foster positive ROI.

By constantly monitoring your results and data over the initial eight weeks of your campaign, you’ll improve your marketing skills to create the most profitable chiropractic ad campaign and improved SEO.

If this still seems overwhelming, consider reaching out to our team at Instinct Marketing for help with our Google Ads management service.


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