How to Get My Small Business Noticed In 2024

Did you just open the doors of your new small business and are looking to bring traffic in? Or, perhaps your company’s been operating for several years but has struggled to acquire new customers. Do you ask yourself how to get my small business noticed soon?

If you’re like any other small business owner, you’re likely wondering how to get your business noticed. So what tools and strategies do you need to draw attention and rise above your competition?

This guide will detail everything you need to know about getting your business noticed and increasing your presence in your industry.

Have Your Website Be the Go-To Source for Information

website design

From the research we’ve done, many small businesses do well with creating websites for their companies. In fact, one report discovered that 71% of small businesses in the U.S. have a website. And nearly half of the 28% that don’t have a site plan to build one within the coming year.

But simply having a website up-and-running isn’t enough to get your business noticed. As a local service-based business, you have the chance to be an invaluable source of knowledge for your readers and potential customers. Therefore, your website needs to be the go-to resource for all things related to your service offerings and area. 

For example, let’s say your brick-and-mortar (and online) store sells fishing rods and other maritime equipment. Your website should feature plenty of content that details area-specific information and news. Publishing blog posts about the top fishing spots in your area will give your customers a reason to purchase your products and go out and have a good time. 

If you’re looking for more advice on getting your business noticed, you can also try releasing area-specific press releases. For example, there may be an impending hurricane or red tide event that could affect the area’s fishing conditions.

Amid circumstances like these, Internet users look for newsworthy publications to explain them in more detail. You could be the source of their news, leading them to trust you as an authority in the community. You’ll deliver the information they’re looking for and gain some respect along the way.

As long as you publish relevant and informative content, your potential and current customers will trust your company’s website as an authoritative source. In addition, they’ll come to rely on you for area-specific information in your operation’s location.

However, you need to ensure customers can easily locate and use your site. That’s where web design services can help. Our team at Instinct Marketing will ensure your website is:

  • Aesthetically-pleasing
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Conversion-focused

This way, you’ll no longer have to wonder how to get noticed on the Internet. Rather, your website will serve as your company’s 24/7 salesperson. Potential customers won’t click off your pages due to frustratingly slow load speeds or non-clickable links. Instead, your website’s beauty and functionality will cause them to stick around and learn what your company has to offer.

It’s Not Just Online

While having a website is essential to getting your business out there, it’s not the only method you’ll need to implement. Even if your business operates primarily online, there’s no excuse to neglect offline marketing opportunities. 

Interested in learning how to drive traffic to your store? Explore the following marketing methods that don’t involve the Internet:

Business Cards

business networking

Business cards may be one of the most traditional methods of advertising. These handy pieces of cardstock can slip right into your pocket, making them easy to share with whoever you encounter. Some other benefits of business cards are that they:

  • Let you swap contact information personally (rather than impersonally)
  • Contribute a sense of professionalism
  • Offer potential customers a physical object that stays with them

Many business owners will shy away from producing business cards because they fear that many recipients will just throw the cardstock away. While you can’t control what people do after making the hand-off, you can prevent your business cards from filling up landfills by perfecting the exchange.

Don’t just hand your business card to a potential customer and say something general like, “Call me if you need anything.” Instead, share it with a meaningful message. Provide them with a specific way you can offer your services. 

For instance, let’s say you’re an investment advisor. After a brief conversation with your potential customer, hand them a business card and say something like:

“Investing can be incredibly rewarding, but I know how difficult it can be to get started without a professional’s guidance. I’d be happy to share my strategies for building a portfolio that aligns with your specific financial goals.”


If you want to learn how to get noticed on the Internet, know that most guides won’t tell you to hand out flyers. They must be outdated, right?

Flyers remain an age-old staple of the marketing world. They’re affordable to make and let you implement your business’s creative vision on a small page. By hanging them up all over town, you can keep your brand in front of current and potential customers and focus on getting your business out there.

Whatever flyer distribution method you choose, make sure that it’s legal. For example, mailing flyers is completely legitimate. Of course, you’ll incur higher out-of-pocket expenses for the mailing fees, but the peace of mind you’ll receive will be well worth the cost.

You should avoid advertising on private properties (i.e., posting flyers around shopping malls) unless you have explicit permission from the property owner.

Before you pass out flyers around a residential neighborhood, think about what you offer. Is it something that any homeowner can find useful (like pest control or landscaping services)? If not, you risk annoying homeowners who aren’t interested and can’t benefit from your business. 

Trade Shows & Events

If you’re looking for even more tips on how to get your business noticed, consider attending trade shows and events. These gatherings will give you opportunities to sell your offerings and make long-lasting networking connections. Even if you don’t have many paying customers at the event, you can get your brand’s name in front of people already involved in your industry.

If you have the resources and time commitment, try hosting your own event. Invite businesses related to your industry (but not direct competitors) to create a more comprehensive experience for those who attend.

What Value Do You Offer?

Whether you want to learn how to get noticed on the Internet or offline, you need to emphasize the value your company provides. Don’t just list your product’s features or service offerings — drive home why customers want to buy from your business.

For example, let’s say you want to learn how to get noticed online for your health supplement business. Instead of creating a run-of-the-mill product page listing your supplements’ ingredients, experiment with client testimonials. Have your customers share how your supplements have improved their lives. Let potential shoppers hear about how much healthier and more energized they are now.

To provide you with a better idea of emphasizing value, we’ll offer one more example. Pretend you’re a music instructor who offers weekly piano lessons to children and wonders how to get noticed online. As you’re advertising to parents, don’t present your offerings at the basic level only (30-minute lessons, a focus on classical instruction, etc.). Instead, highlight what your students can take away from your lessons. Stress that they’ll gain:

  • Confidence with performing
  • A lifelong affinity for music
  • A sense of discipline they can apply to other areas of their lives
  • A solid foundation that’ll stay with them for whatever musical path they take

Ask Friends & Family To Do Their Part

You may have heard the advice “Don’t mix your work and personal lives” before. But if you’re interested in getting your business out there, you’ll need to throw this advice out the window. 

Now, you don’t want to take advantage of those close to you. Instead, focus on creating mutually beneficial relationships with your friends and family in similar industries. 

For business owners researching how to get noticed online, consider inviting a relative or friend onto your podcast. Ask them hard-hitting questions and let their experience speak for itself. You can also have your buddy or family member provide content for your blog and give them a byline. 

If you don’t feel comfortable creating this kind of long-form content at first, you can start small. When learning how to get your business noticed, one of the best things you can do is share your friends and family members’ industry-related posts on social media.

Publicity Is Always a Great Way to Go

If you don’t have any close connections in your industry but still want to learn how to get noticed on the Internet, don’t underestimate the power of publicity.

Capitalizing on free publicity is an essential element to getting your business noticed. Send press releases that emphasize your business’s value to online and local media outlets.

When it comes to learning how to drive traffic to your store, don’t be afraid of paid opportunities. The initial cost may seem high, but paying for a publication spot is an investment that’ll pay off in the future.

Hold Your Own Contest

Sometimes, you have to go above and beyond to learn how to drive traffic to your store. What better way to do so than hosting a contest? Some benefits of hosting a contest for your business include higher engagement, reduced acquisition costs, and improved social media interaction.

Making the contest somewhat relevant to your business is essential to getting your business noticed. For example, if your business sells children’s board games, host a story-writing contest. You’ll attract kids who love exercising their creativity in ways that make them think. At the end of the contest, you’ll have unique insights into your young customers’ minds. This information can inspire ideas for future game concepts.

This Is the Most Important

If you take away anything from our guide on how to get noticed online and offline, let it be this: remain authentic in any strategies you implement. Customers want a personable brand to interact with, not a company that delivers one-sided, detached messages. 

Our team at Instinct Marketing knows that getting your business out there can seem challenging at first. Understanding how to drive traffic to your store can seem like a complex maze for every beginner. That’s why we recommend getting your business out there with marketing services. Our experts know how to use professional web design, content marketing, social media, and SEO strategies to spread awareness about your business throughout your community.